GitOps with Feature Branch Workflow

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GitOps with Feature Branch Workflow


In a Git feature branch workflow, all feature development takes place in a dedicated branch instead of main branch. When the feature development finishes, it will be merged into the main branch. This articles shows you a typical Bytebase setup for teams using one main branch and one dev (feature) branch.


  • You have two branches:
  1. One main branch corresponds to the prod envrionment, and it has a db_prod database.
  2. One dev branch for the feature work corresponds to the dev environment, and it has a db_dev database. feature-branch-original-setup
  • You installed Bytebase and have Workspace Admin role.

The Procedure

Step 1 - Configure the workspace

  1. Go to Settings > Workspace > Version Control to add a VCS provider.
  2. Click Environments and create two environments Dev and Prod. You can configure approval policy as require or skip manual approval.
  3. Click Instances > Add Instance to add instances where db_prod and db_dev are located.

Step 2 - Create Dev Project

  1. Click Projects > New Project and enter Dev Project in Project Name.
  2. In Dev Project, click Transfer in DB and choose db_dev database.
  3. Click Version Control on the project tab bar, and choose GitOps workflow and enable GitOps workflow. feature-branch-setup

Step 3 - Create Prod Project

  • Repeat Step 2, but with Prod instead of Dev, e.g. Prod Project instead of Dev Project.

Step 4 - Create SQL migration file

  • Name and organize SQL migration files like this.

Final Setup

The final setup looks like this:


With this setup,

  • When a SQL migration file is committed to the dev branch, Bytebase will create an issue in Dev Project and apply that migration file to db_dev.

  • When you merge the dev branch to the main branch with one or more SQL migration file commits, Bytebase will create a separate issue for each SQL migration file in Prod Project and apply the corresponding migration change to db_prod.

Bytebase only creates the issue with the migration change. Depending on the environment approval policy, Bytebase will either apply the change immediately to the database or wait for approval.

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