Add Git Provider

Bytebase supports following Git Providers:

  • GitHub Enterprise
  • Self-host GitLab
  • Azure DevOps


  • You must be the Workspace Admin to add Git provider.
  • You may also need the help of the selected Git provider admin to create the dedicated service user and the personal access token.


All providers share a similar setup:

  1. Create a dedicated service user.
  2. Obtain the service user credential such as personal access token with the required repository permissions:
    • Create Webhook. Bytebase creates a webhook in the repository to observe the merge event.
    • Read Repository. Bytebase reads the repository migration file to get the change statements.
    • Write Comment. Bytebase may add a comment to the merge request.

The token may have an expired date. When the token is expired, you need to update the provider with a new token.

Follow the instructions on the Git provider setup page. Below are the screenshots showing the required permissions/scopes. and GitHub Enterprise (self-host)

github and GitLab (self-host)

You can either create:

  1. A personal access token, and make sure it has access to the project: gitlab

  2. A project access token, you'll need at least Maintainer role: gitlab


Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps

Pay attention to the Organization field, it has to be All accessible organizations, not a specific organization.

Azure DevOps

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