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Run and EXPLAIN Query


SQL Editor default mode is read-only, which only supports running SELECT queries. If you attempt to run DDL or DML change queries, SQL Editor will prompt you to create a new issue to start the SQL change workflow.

Workspace Owners and DBAs are allowed to execute any SQL statements in Admin Mode.

The read-only mode is not available for MongoDB, but you also can execute the statements in Admin Mode.

Run query

Click the Run button or use the shortcut key (⌘ + Enter) to run your queries in the SQL Editor.

If you have multiple SQL queries separated by semicolons, SQL Editor will only run the first query for now.

Explain query

SQL Editor provides an Explain button to run EXPLAIN on the selected query. You can click it or use the shortcut key (⌘ + E) instead of prepending EXPLAIN manually.

Search Result

You can retrieve anything you want from query results quickly.

Search Result

Export Data

SQL Editor allows exporting query results to CSV or JSON files.

Export Data

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