Schema Diagram

This feature is in beta.

Bytebase's Schema Diagram provides a database Entity-Relation Diagram.

View Database Schema Diagram

Click Schema Diagram in the database detail page, you will see the Schema Diagram in a popup dialog.



Drag the canvas to move. Use mouse wheel, trackpad or click the -/+ buttons to zoom in and out.

Use the search box to filter databases by name.


Click the Focus button in the schema tree or the table header to toggle table highlighting.


Click the Fit content within view button to restore the initial position and zoom.


Click the Screenshot button to export current view as a PNG file.


Working with Schema Editor

While using Schema Editor, you may also preview the database schema and changes via Schema Diagram. Click the Schema Diagram and you will switch to the Schema Diagram tab.


Your temporary changes in Schema Editor will be highlighted and colorized to help you previewing schema changes.


Clicking on the column name, column type and the pencil icon beside the table name will navigate you to the corresponding editing interface in Schema Editor.


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