EndpointPOST /v1/auth/login

Service Account

You should create service account to interact with the Bytebase API.

Visit Bytebase member management page (Click Settings on the navigation bar, and then click Workspace > Members).

Name your service account, and grant the Owner or DBA role to it.


You can only copy the key right after creating the service account. The key will disappear if you refresh the page.

Login to fetch the token

You need to obtain the exchange token before calling the API.

export bytebase_url=
export bytebase_account=<<your_service_account>>
export bytebase_password=<<your_service_key>>

bytebase_token=$(curl -v ${bytebase_url}/v1/auth/login \
    --data-raw '{"email":"'${bytebase_account}'","password":"'${bytebase_password}'","web":true}' \
    --compressed 2>&1 | grep token | grep -o 'access-token=[^;]*;' | grep -o '[^;]*' | sed 's/access-token=//g; s/;//g')

Test API

# List projects
curl --request GET ${bytebase_url}/v1/projects \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer '${bytebase_token}
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