Global Masking Rule

This feature is available in Enterprise Plan.

The column masking takes precedence over the global masking rule.

You may want to batch apply masking settings. e.g.

  • Mask all data in production
  • Mask all data for database under a specific project
  • Maks data conditionally according to Data Classification

Global masking rule allows you to do this. It's similar to the iptables where you configure an ordered rule list. The first matching rule will be applied. If no rule matches, the default masking level is None.

Workspace Admin and DBA can set global masking rules to mask the data.

  1. Go to Settings>Security & Policy>Data Masking.
  2. Click Global Masking Rule tab.
  3. Click Add rule. Click +Add condition or +Add condition group, set Masking Level and then click Confirm. bb-global-masking
  4. Repeat step 3 to add more rules. bb-global-masking-2

Here is the result you will get in SQL Editor. bb-global-masking-2-preview

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