Set up Environments

Environment models after various environments in the development pipeline such as test, staging, prod. Most of the time, there is a 1:1 mapping between Environment and the real environment.


  • Workspace Admin or Workspace DBA role

View environments

Click Environments on the top bar, you can see two predefined environments - Test and Prod.


Reorder environments

Click Reorder to adjust the environments' order.

Edit an environment

  1. Choose an existing environment, e.g. Test.

  2. Edit name, rollout policy, database backup schedule policy and click Update.

  3. Configure a SQL review policy.

    1. Click SQL Review > Configure policy.
    2. On Step 1, enter Display name, choose Environment and Template, and click Next.
    3. On Step 2, choose a rule, select its Error Level and click Next.
    4. On Step 3, make sure the preview is OK, and click Confirm and add.

Add an environment

Click Create Environment, enter Environment (name), and click Create, and you will find the new environment on the right. You may click Archieve

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