Data Query Approval Flow

Project Owners can always manually add the role of Project Querier to control data query permissions. In Enterprise Plan, users can apply for Project Querier roles by submitting a request grant issue.

Assign Project Querier Role

For all plans, Project Owners can manually assign the Project Querier role to users or groups.

  1. As a Project Owner, you can go to the project, click Manage > Members and then click Grant Access. bb-project-members-grant
  2. Select the user or group, assign the role of Project Querier, choose the databases, exipration and click Confirm. bb-project-members-querier

Request Project Querier Role

For Enterprise plan, you, as a developer, can request Project Querier role by submitting a request query issue.

  1. Go to the project page, and click Request Query Role.


  2. Fill out the form, you can either choose all databases or specific databases or tables.



  3. Click OK and the issue will be created. By configuring custom approval, it will match the corresponding approvers. bb-issue-querier-role

  4. After the request is approved, you can query the data in SQL Editor from the specified databases before the requested expiration time. bb-issue-querier-done

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