Global Options

Data Source Name (DSN)

The --dsn option is used to provide a data source name (DSN) to connect databases.

All commands that operate databases require this option, including:

  • dump
  • migrate
  • restore

The supported format is


We currently support drivers:

  • mysql
  • postgresql

The optional params are:

  • ssl-ca
  • ssl-cert
  • ssl-key

Here are a few examples:

  • mysql://root@localhost:3306/
  • postgresql://$(whoami)@localhost:5432/postgres
  • postgresql://user:pass@localhost:5432/dbname?ssl-ca=a&ssl-cert=b&ssl-key=c



Apply schema migration to database.

Internally, every migrate command will be recorded in history. It is recommended that migrate is only used for applying schema change so that it is more clear to track schema migration.



--file, -f string file stored the migration script.

--command, -c string SQL command that does the migration.


bb migrate --dsn mysql://root@localhost:3306/bytebase_test_todo \
  --command "ALTER TABLE author ADD COLUMN phone_no VARCHAR(15);"

Apply SQL command to the given database.

bb migrate --dsn mysql://root@localhost:3306/bytebase_test_todo \
  --file migrate_v1_0_1.sql

Apply the migration script to the given database.


Dump the schema and data of a database.

This command is used to back up a database. When given no output file and only dump schema, it can be used to view the current database schema.



--file string File to store the dump. Output to stdout if unspecified.

--schema-only Only dump schema.


bb dump --dsn mysql://root@localhost:3306/ --file backup.sql

Dump the schema and data from all databases in localhost:3306 mysql, to backup.sql.

bb dump --dsn mysql://root@localhost:3306/bytebase_test_todo --schema-only

Print the schema of database bytebase_test_todo to stdout.


Restore the schema and data of a database from a dump file (usually created by bb dump).

Internally, restore command will NOT be recorded. It is recommended that restore is used for restoring from an existing database dump, including both schema and data.



--file, -f string file stored the dumped database.


bb restore --dsn mysql://root@localhost:3306/ \
  --file backup.sql

Restore database from backup.sql to the given database.

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