Data Export Approval Flow

There are two ways to export data:

  • Obtain the Project Exporter role to export frequently.
  • Request a one-time export in the Export Center.

Project Exporter Role

Project Owner can always export data directly from the result panel in SQL Editor. You, as a developer, in order to view the result and export in SQL Editor, must have both Project Querier (to query and view the result) and Project Exporter roles. bb-sql-editor-export

Project Owner can assign the Project Exporter role to users on Manage > Members in the project.


For Enterprise Plan, you can also request Project Exporter role on Database > Databases in the project.



One-time Export Request

Sometimes, you only need to export data once. In this case, you can request a one-time export in the Export Center.

  1. There are two entries: one is Export Center within a project and the other is in the global Export Center.



  2. After clicking Request Export, select the database and click Next.


  3. An issue preview will be displayed. Fill in the SQL to query the data, and click Run checks to auto-run SQL review. Select the Format, enable Encrypt if needed and click Create.


  4. The issue will be created. By configuring custom approval, it will match the corresponding approvers.


  5. After the corresponding approvers approve the issue, you can click Export to download the exported file.


  6. The exported issues will be displayed in the Export Center.



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