Safer and Faster
Database Change and Version Control for Teams

Bytebase offers a web-based collaboration workspace to help DBAs and Developers manage the lifecycle of application database schemas (DDL) and data (DML).

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Safer and faster database migration - DDL and DML

Industry first database DevOps solution for DBA & Developer collaboration

SQL Review

A dedicated review workflow and UI for Developers and DBAs to collaborate on schema changes. Assisted by built-in advisor such as backward compatibility checks.


Integrate with VCS hosting the migration scripts. Migration pipeline is triggered on observing new script push event.

Streamlined Deployment

Support multi-tenant (M), multi-environment (N) schema change in a single M*N change matrix pipeline.

SQL Editor

Easy-to-use query interface to SELECT database records.

Migration History

Record the full migration history with side-by-side diff comparison between versions.

Anomaly Center

Periodically scan all managed instances and databases and provide user a holistic view to see all anomalies.

Drift Detection

Periodically scan all managed instances and databases and provide user a holistic view to see all anomalies.

Backup and Restore

Per-database automatic and manual backup. Environment specific backup schedule policy. Restore to new database with the entire restored migration history chain.

Role-based Access Control

Two role set. Owner, DBA, Developer for workspace. Owner, Developer for project.

SQL review and version control

Ease the most stressful and dangerous change process in the application development cycle. Bytebase supports 2 most typical schema change workflow. Team can choose whatever fits the best.

UI workflow

Classic SQL Review workflow where the developer submits a SQL review ticket directly from Bytebase and waits for the assigned DBA or peer developer to review. Bytebase applies the SQL change after review approved.

Inbox user interface

Version control workflow #GitOps

Database migration scripts are stored in a git repository. To make schema changes, a developer would create a migration script and submit for review in the corresponding VCS such as GitLab. After the script is approved and merged into the configured branch, Bytebase will automatically kicks off the task to apply the new schema change.

Customer profile user interface

All-in-one SQL Editor

Inspect records, explore schema, sharing SQL scripts, and more.

All-in-one SQL Editor

Explore the Schema

Explore the database record and schema guarded by the project-level access control.

Explore the Schema Explore the Schema

Smooth query editing experience

Autocomplete suggestions, SQL format, shortcuts, and more.

Smooth query editing experience Smooth query editing experience

Never miss your work

Save your favorite sheets and auto-record the execution history.

Never Miss your Work Never Miss your Work

Share sheet with teammates

Share the sheet link with your teammates, with configurable access levels.

Share Sheet with Teammates Share Sheet with Teammates

A complete rethink to deliver experience

From the data modeling, to the tech stack, system architecture and then the final user interface, Bytebase is engineered from the ground up to deliver a transforming user experience to the DBAs and Developers.

Modern collaborative dev tool

Bytebase aspires to tools like Figma, GitLab, Terraform. We want to be the most favorable tool among Developers and DBAs for managing database schemas.


Bytebase provides a comprehensive web console requiring zero config and external dependency. Developers and DBAs can focus on their database tasks right away.


As a professional tool for managing application's most critical asset - transactional database schema, Bytebase thinks deeply to surface the relevant info, design the proper ergonomics. Conducting schema changes is always scary, we want to eliminate the risk of misfire caused by the confusing interface.


Being one of the infrastructure toolkit, Bytebase will provide hooks to integrate with existing IM, CI/CD, issue tracking, monitoring, login systems.

Single binary with curated tech stack

The entire app is bundled in a single binary and started via a single binary. As a professional tool, Bytebase tries to be pragmatic. And because Bytebase is open sourced, it favors technologies with simplicity and being opinionated to deliver an accessible and cohesive experience to easily learn, use and build the product. We don't want people to waste time figuring out how to deploy or arguing the better coding styles.

Vue + Tailwind CSS

Vue is a progressive framework and Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework. Together with the build tool Vite and TypeScript, they offer a significantly improved frontend development experience.


Golang 's static linking + embedding allows Bytebase to deliver a binary with single-line command to launch both the frontend and backend without requiring extra dependency (no docker, docker-compose, kubernetes). And we never need to debate the coding style.


PostgreSQL is the industry leading multi-model relational database. In addition to the typical transactional workload, PostgreSQL can also handle analytical, geospatial, time series, full text search and etc. This allows Bytebase to only keep a single database system to fulfill all sorts of requirements.