Manage Bytebase with Terraform


The Bytebase Provider itself is free to use. Some advanced resource operations require Pro or Enterprise Plan.

Bytebase provides the Terraform Provider to let you manage your Bytebase resources via Terraform. Users can use Terraform provider to manage following Bytebase resources:

  • Environment
  • Instance
  • Instance Role
  • More to come

Create service account

Bytebase Terraform Provider needs a service account to interact with the Bytebase OpenAPI.

Visit Bytebase member management page (Click Settings on the navigation bar, and then click Workspace > Members).

Name your service account, and grant the Owner or DBA role to it.


After creation, you can copy the service key as service_key and the email as service_account to initialize the Bytbase provider in next step.


You can only copy the key right after creating the service account. The key will disappear if you refresh the page.


Configure Bytebase Terraform Provider

Check for the provider docs.

Check for the usage examples.

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