Manage License

Bytebase offers following pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

Both Pro and Enterprise plans require purchasing license. The license includes a number of database instance quota.

  • For Pro plan, you need to purchase a Pro license with a minimum 1 instance quota.
  • For Enterprise plan, you need to purchase an Enterprise license with a minimum 5 instance quota.

Features like SSO, Watermark are Enterprise features and not specific to a particular instance. Thus as long as you have the Enterprise license, you can use those features.

On the other hand, there are instance specific features like custom approval, sensitive data masking, and AI-based index advisor. To activate those features on the instance, you need to assign the quota to the instance.

The price is based on the Plan and the purchased instance quota. To save budget, you can just purchase the instance quota covering a subset of your instances (e.g. only production instances).


Configure license

Navigate to the Subscription page, paste your license into the input box, and click the Upload license button.


Configure instance license


You can assign or unassign your license to instances in following ways:

  • Go to the Subscription page, click the instance area or the edit icon button, the license configuration drawer will appear.


  • On the instance details page, toggle the Assign License switch, and click the Update button.


  • From a particular feature setting, click the lock icon button or the Assign License button to open the license configuration drawer. See the example figures below for reference.



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