Add GitOps Connector in Project

You can add multiple GitOps connectors in the project, each targeting a different database group.


  • There exists at least one configured Git Provider.
  • You must be the Project Owner to add GitOps connector in the project.


Go to the project you wish to enable GitOps workflow for. Choose GitOps and click Add GitOps connector.


Step 1 - Choose Git provider

You can only link Git repository from one of the existing Git providers in Bytebase. If your desired Git provider is not there, you need to contact Workspace Admin to add Git Provider.


Step 2 - Select repository

For GitLab, Bytebase only lists repositories where you have at least the Maintainer role. This is because to configure the VCS integration, Bytebase needs to create the webhook, which requires Maintainer role.


Select the repository you want to link to the Bytebase project.

Step 3 - Configure deploy


  1. Database Group (Optional)

    If specified, Bytebase only applies the migration files from VCS to all the databases in the group. Otherwise, Bytebase applies the migrations to all the databases in the project.

  2. Branch (Required)

    The branch where Bytebase observes the migration file.

  3. Base directory (Optional)

    / if not specified. Bytebase only observes migration file changes under this immediate directory (subdirectories ignored). We recommend to create a dedicated directory called bytebase under the repository root to store all your Bytebase related migration files.

Click Finish button to complete the setup. Check troubleshoot to debug.

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