How to Create a Table in ClickHouse

The CREATE TABLE command is used create a new table in an existing database.

Here is an example of creating an employee table in db_how_to:

CREATE TABLE db_how_to.employee
    emp_no  UInt32 NOT NULL,
    birth_date  Date NOT NULL,
    first_name  String NOT NULL,
    last_name  String NOT NULL,
    gender     Enum8('M', 'F' ) NOT NULL,
    hire_date Date NOT NULL
ENGINE = MergeTree()
PRIMARY KEY (emp_no);

Even the simplest of tables in ClickHouse must specify a table engine. There are many engines to choose from, but for a simple table on a single-node ClickHouse server, MergeTree is your likely choice.

The primary key can be defined using the PRIMARY KEY command.

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