Semantic Types

This feature is available in Enterprise Plan.

You may define semantic types and apply them to columns of different tables. Columns with the same semantic type will be masked with the same masking algorithm.

  1. Go to Settings > Security & Policy > Data Masking.

  2. Click Semantic Types.

  3. Click Add, and fill in the name and description. Choose a masking algorithm for full and partial conditions respectively, or you may leave it as default which means it will use the system default masking algorithm. Click the checkmark to save.


  4. Go to a table detail page. Click pencil icon and choose value for Semantic Types and Masking Level.


  5. Go to SQL Editor, run a query and you will see the masked data.


  6. Go back to table detail page, click pencil to edit the column Masking Level and change the masking level to Partial.

  7. Go to SQL Editor, run a query and you will see the partially masked data.


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