Enable Slow Query Log for MySQL

The slow query log consists of SQL statements that take more than long_query_time seconds to execute and require at least min_examined_row_limit rows to be examined. The slow query log can be used to find queries that take a long time to execute and are therefore candidates for optimization.

Modify MySQL Configuration

To enable slow query log, you need to change the following MySQL configuration in MySQL configuration file (e.g. /etc/mysql/my.cnf):

slow_query_log = ON
long_query_time = 1
log_output = TABLE
  • slow_query_log: Enable slow query log.
  • long_query_time: The minimum execution time (in seconds) to be logged.
  • log_output: The destination for log output. TABLE means log to mysql.slow_log table. Bytebase will read from this table to sync and display the slow queries.

Restart MySQL

After you change the MySQL configuration, you need to restart MySQL to make the change effective.

Check MySQL Variables

You can check the MySQL variables to make sure the change is effective.

SHOW VARIABLES LIKE "slow_query_log";
SHOW VARIABLES LIKE "long_query_time";


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