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What is Bytebase

Bytebase is an open-source database DevOps tool, it's the GitLab for managing databases throughout the application development lifecycle. It offers a web-based workspace for DBAs and Developers to collaborate and manage the database change safely and efficiently.


Bytebase is GitLab/GitHub for Database, built for team collaboration.

As GitLab/GitHub provides a GUI and collaboration workspace for teams to manage code, Bytebase does the similar job for managing database. This is the most significant difference from all existing schema migration, SQL client tools.

Bytebase complements the existing cloud provider's database platforms or the company's internal database operation platforms. While those platforms take care of the database instance level operations (e.g. provisioning a database instance), Bytebase helps teams to use the provisioned database to build their application.

Key Features

SQL Review

Bytebase analyzes SQL changes to enforce rules in compliance with your organization's policy. The enforcement includes naming conventions, anti-SQL pattern detection and etc. Prod and non-prod environments can also enforce different rules respectively.

Database CI/CD and Change Automation

Like code review, Bytebase streamlines the database change process. Within a single workflow, a database change can be reviewed and deployed from the dev environment all the way to the production environment.

SQL Web Editor

A web-based SQL Editor to query and export data. DBAs no longer need to give away sensitive database credentials when Developers need to access the data.

Data Access Control and Governance

Bytebase provides a suite of features to enable organizations to enforce data security policies, avoid data leaks and conform compliance.

Version Control with VCS Integration (GitOps)

Bytebase keeps the complete schema change history. It also integrates with VCS systems. Teams can manage the SQL migration scripts in the VCS and trigger schema deployment on code commit.

Data Rollback and Disaster Recovery

  • Statement-level rollback

  • Database-level manual and periodical backup and restore

  • Point-in-time recovery (PITR)


Database Change Management

If Liquibase, Flyway are Git, then Bytebase is GitLab/GitHub. And as an open source project. Bytebase is growing way faster.

SQL GUI Client

SQL GUI Client such as MySQL Workbench, pgAdmin, DBeaver, Navicat provide a GUI to interact with the database. Bytebase not only provides a GUI client, it can also enforce centralized data access control for data security and governance.

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