Deploy to render

render is a cloud application hosting provider. Bytebase provides a render blueprint to deploy Bytebase to render.


You need a render account (free signup).


The Bytebase render deployment contains a web service and a PosgreSQL database. The blueprint uses render's free plan, you can fork the repository if you want to change the plan or the deploy region.

The free plan can only create at most one free PostgreSQL database. Because the Bytebase deployment requires a PostgreSQL database to store its own metadata, thus it will use up the quota.


Visit and follow render doc to create the blueprint instance. When connecting the repository, choose our public repo or your forked repo.


Choose a Service Group Name such as bytebase.


After the deployment, you should see render has created a Web Service and a PostgreSQL database.


Visit the created Web Service page and click the URL to start using Bytebase.


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