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✍️ Document write guide

This section shows the steps of writing a document.

The structure of a .md file

title: Document write guide
description: This section shows the steps of writing a document.

# How to write a document?

Firstly you need to write down the main concept of your documention.

For optimizing documentation SEO, we need to save its metadata between the --- xxx --- block. Typically used fields are:

  • title should be same as the header title;
  • description field should be the excerpt of the document;

How to write a new document?

  1. Write the full content in any editor that supports Markdown. e.g. VSCode/typora
  2. Add the metadata block at the top of the markdown file.
  3. Add an entry for the document in
  4. Run pnpm dev start the review server.
  5. Go to localhost:3000/docs and check your creation.
  6. If everything is fine, create a new PR with the changes to our repo in GitHub.

Using powerful components into Markdown

To display more styled blocks in documentation, we support some powerful components:


Show a hint text with a styled block.



<hint-block type="info">

Bytebase has already prepared some sample data. In particular, it has created a Test environment and a Prod environment, each containing a mysql instance. To establish the connection to those instances, one quick way is to [start a MySQL docker instance](#start-a-mysql-docker-instance-for-testing).



typeinfo | warninginfoSet the hint style

A pretty link block to another page.



<doc-link-block url="/docs/use-bytebase/webhook-integration/overview" title="Webhook Integration"></doc-link-block>


urlstring''Set the link url
titlestring''Description of the link title


Include another markdown and render inline.


<include-block url="features/archive"></include-block>


urlstring''Set the markdown file url, which should be an absolute path without the /docs prefix