Bytebase 成为 CNCF Landscape 上第一个被收录到 Database CI/CD 领域的项目 现在查看


CNCF Landscape includes Bytebase as the first-ever database CI/CD solution

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Bytebase has recently been included in the CNCF Landscape Continuous Integration & Delivery catalog. It is also the first-ever product in the CI/CD category that focuses on database CI/CD.

What is Bytebase

Bytebase is an all-in-one database development tool for developers and DBAs, integrating SQL review, database change and query, versioning, and rollback. Bytebase currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, TiDB, ClickHouse, Snowflake, and also supports GitOps workflow with native GitLab, and GitHub integration. The code is fully open sourced at

CNCF Introduction

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is the most influential organization in the cloud/open source space. CNCF is a vendor-neutral foundation dedicated to promoting fast-growing open source technologies on Github, such as Kubernetes, Prometheus and Envoy, to help developers build great products faster and better.