Bytebase 2.15.0

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🔔 Brand New GitOps

The new GitOps workflow is not compatible with the old version, if you need assistance migrating to the new version, please consult us.

  • Use access tokens for authentication.
  • Support multiple VCS connectors in a project.
  • Support specifying a database group as the target in the VCS connector, automatically applying to all databases in a project by default.
  • Deprecate database name templates and latest schema write-back.

🚀 New Features

  • Support Vault as an external data source for database secrets.
  • Support Apache Hive.
  • Add one-time data export issue type.

🎄 Enhancements

  • Improve SQL Editor UI/UX.
  • Add SQL review rules for PostgreSQL:
    • Detect non-transactional statements.
    • Require using NOT VALID when creating foreign keys.

📰 Fresh Off the Press

  • In the realm of database management, PostgreSQL 🐘 stands out for its robustness and flexibility. Yet, as developers 🧑‍💻 tackle the complexities of modern application development, there's room for enhancement to make their processes more efficient. This article outlines the most sought-after PostgreSQL features.

  • Is it worthwhile to migrate to AlloyDB, ☁️ Google Cloud's fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service? 🧐. You may find the answer after reading Understanding Google Cloud AlloyDB Pricing.

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