Bytebase 2.11.0

NingjingNingjing1 min read

🚀 New Features

  • Support setting parameters for MySQL online schema change.
  • Add database viewer role to Project. (Check Roles and Permissions)
  • Support OceanBase in Oracle Mode.

🎄 Enhancements

  • Support choosing All users and assign roles in a project.
  • Display table and column details on a hover panel in SQL Editor.
  • Rearranged project page layout.

🪦 Deprecations

  • The Bookmarks functionality will no longer be available in our forthcoming software update. We recommend utilizing your browser's bookmarking capabilities as an alternative.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: renaming files on Azure DevOps/Bitbucket doesn't trigger issue creation in Bytebase.

🎠 Community

📰 Fresh off the press

  • Data masking is a crucial technique for safeguarding sensitive information. This article compares three methods to do it for MySQL 🐬.
  • This tutorial shows you how to use Bytebase to deploy schema migrations with features like SQL Review, custom approval, time scheduling, and more 👓.
  • Treat databases the same way we treat applications. It's time for Bitbucket 🪣!

To install, follow installation doc. If you are upgrading from a previous version, restart after obtaining the latest release binary.

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