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Bytebase 0.12.0

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๐Ÿš€ New Features

Multi-tenancy Database Management

Say you have many databases that use identical database schemas and need uniform management. For example, my highly-available service stores database data in different locations or data centers; or my SaaS service stores every customer/tenant's database data in their own databases. This multi-tenancy database management feature allows you to manage and update schemas for these hundreds of databases consistently and conveniently.

  • Intelligent database management for tenants using identical schemas.
  • Creating and managing database labels used for searching resources and identifying tenants.
  • Flexible tenant database deployment such as multi-stage regional deployments.
  • Schema updates are applied to all tenants consistently. Adding a new tenant database will use the same schema from existing tenants.


SQL Editor

  • Support keeping multiple editors under different tabs.


  • Seamless transition to the schema change (DDL) / data change (DML) workflow from the SQL Editor.


  • Project based permission control.
  • Save Query: support saving the SQL statement, search it with highlight and delete.


  • Query History: record all the executed queries.


Signup and login via GitLab EE/CE

Most in-house dev teams use GitLab EE/CE to host their code. Bytebase has already supported VCS integration with GitLab to manage database schemas. We now further enhance the integration to allow users to use their GitLab EE/CE account to login Bytebase. Thanks @siu91 for the suggestion.

Support data change (DML) workflow

Besides the schema change (DDL) workflow, we now also support the DML workflow. Thanks @TBACEJ for the suggestion

๐ŸŽ„ Enhancement

  • Surface detailed error to the UI when --debug is enabled when starting Bytebase

๐Ÿž Bug fix

๐ŸŽ  Community


๐Ÿ“• Upgrade instruction

For fresh installation, follow

If you upgrade from the previous version, there is some breaking schema change. Please contact and we will help you manually upgrade to the new version.