Bytebase 2.7.0

MilaMila1 min read

🚀 New Features

  • Support Git-like Branching for database schema migration.
  • Support searching all Issue histories.
  • Support exporting Audit Logs.

🎄 Enhancements

  • Revamped UI for database change issue.
  • SQL Review: support configuring separate settings for different database engines.
  • Provide arm64 Docker image.

🎠 Community

  • Thanks to @kanzihuang for PR fix: query when connecting to instance in sql editor #7524
  • Thanks to @vladdoster for PR docs: fix spelling and punctuation #7667
  • Thanks to @heng4fun for PR docs: fix typo Bytebaes #161

📰 Fresh off the press

  • NEW video tutorial: Data Access Control. Learn how DBAs can configure DAC policies to regulate how devs interact with data & how devs must request to query data in Bytebase.
  • Navicat is a long-established database GUI developed using desktop technology rather than modern web-based technology, so if you are in the mood to try something new: Top Navicat Alternatives.
  • Save your Snowflake budget and configure auto-suspend and auto-resume (only paying for what you actually use).💸

To install, follow installation doc. If you are upgrading from a previous version, restart after obtaining the latest release binary.

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