Bytebase 2.13.1

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πŸš€ New Features

  • Support backing up data before DML is performed for MySQL.
  • Support instance maximum connections, allowing control over the number of concurrent tasks per instance.
  • Support compression and encryption for exported data.

πŸ”” Breaking Changes

  • Changes in Bytebase API: Renamed predefined roles. Update your code if you are utilizing these roles:
    • Workspace level: OWNER->workspaceAdmin, DBA->workspaceDBA, DEVELOPER->workspaceMember
    • Project level: OWNER->projectOwner, DEVELOPER->projectDeveloper, QUERIER->projectQuerier, EXPORTER->projectExporter, VIEWER->projectViewer, RELEASER->projectReleaser

πŸŽ„ Enhancements

  • Support editing indexes in Schema Editor.
  • In SQL Editor, group sheets by project and database.
  • Support choosing custom project roles in environment rollout policy.

πŸ“° Fresh Off the Press

  • Dive into how Bytebase is revolutionizing the way developers, DBAs, and platform engineers work by replacing a multitude of traditional database tools. Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools and hello to streamlined efficiency. Read now to transform your database management strategy! 🍭
  • Streamline your Microsoft SQL Server schema migration with Bytebase's intuitive UI workflow or seamlessly integrate with GitHub for a GitOps workflow, making database management effortless and efficient! 🚚

βš™οΈ Install and Upgrade

Warning: Bytebase does not support downgrade. Make sure to back up your meta data before upgrading.

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