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📕 What is Database-as-code?

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A workflow to store database schema changes as a series of schema migration scripts in the version control system (VCS). Whenever new script committed to the VCS, a process will kickoff automatically to start the process of applying the script to the database. Thus the database schema change is managed in a very similar fashion as code. This workflow is considered superior than the classic UI based SQL review workflow. However, it requires a bit more setup and engineering discipline. Bytebase supports this workflow and helps ease the onboarding and ongoing management of using this workflow.

Safer and faster database change and version control for DBAs and Developers

Bytebase is an open source, web-based database schema change and version control tool for teams. It offers a web-based collaboration workspace to help DBAs and Developers manage the lifecycle of application database schemas.

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SQL Review

SQL Advisor

SQL Editor


Multi-Tenant Change

Online Schema Change


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