Why we build

While we have a plethora of commercial and open-source database engines serving billions of users, our tooling around making reliable, consistent, auditable application database schema changes is embarrassing. And today many teams are still connecting to the production DB and applying changes directly. Quick and dirty, until BOMB!

What's the GitLab for database instead of code?

What's the Figma for DBAs instead of designers?

What's the Terraform for Database-as-Code instead of Infrastructure-as-Code?

There was no really good answer.

It's like a Porsche with a good engine, but only paired with the handy wheel and brake, can it deliver a safe and pleasant driving experience. And that's what Bytebase tries to achieve, to pair the database engine with the proper wheel and brake to improve the development velocity and experience.

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  • Dongxu Huang

    Co-Founder & CTO - PingCAP