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👀 What is Bytebase

👋🏼 Introduction

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Bytebase is a database schema change and version control management tool for teams. It consists of a web console and a backend. The backend has a migration core to manage database schema changes. It also integrates with VCS to enable version controlled schema management.


It's open sourced on GitHub. It currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, TiDB, ClickHouse, Snowflake and plans to add more soon. As to the VCS integration, it currently supports self-hosted GitLab EE/CE and plans to add GitHub Enterprise,, later.

Bytebase target audience are DBAs, Tech leaders and Developers who collaborate on day-to-day development tasks around database schema.

🎯 Why we build Bytebase

Database schema management is one of the two fundamental tasks to develop any non-trivial applications. It covers the stateful aspect of an application. The counterpart is source code management, which covers the stateless aspect. While it has become a standard practice to use GitLab/GitHub to manage the source code, the tooling around database schema management is a bit lacking.

For schema management, frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django come with built-in schema migration support, and many teams use tools like Liquibase, Flyway to manage the database schema. These are all viable options. However, we believe all the existing options only deliver a partial solution. e.g.

  1. There is no web-based workspace providing UX and workflow optimized for the collaboration among DBAs and Developers. (Like how Figma delivers such an experience to Designers, Product Managers and Developers)
  2. There is no cohesive experience to deliver an end-to-end integration between schema management and VCS. (Like how Terraform delivers such an experience for managing cloud infrastructure).
  3. All existing tools merely serve as a building block in the large CI pipeline, mostly as a step in the entire CI pipeline. However, the tool itself doesn't gather info from the CI context and catch signals from the database instance to provide a holistic view of the schema state across all development environments, spanning all history timelines.

In short, unlike code management, there is no equivalent tool like GitLab/GitHub which provides a comprehensive solution to manage database schema, and Bytebase wants to fill this gap.

It's like GitLab, but for managing database schema related tasks instead of code related tasks.

It's like Terraform, where Bytebase integrates with VCS to manage database schema, this is known as database-as-code which is a similar concept to Terraform's infrastructure-as-code to integrate VCS to manage cloud infrastructure.

🎡 Build for developer experience

Bytebase puts developer experience as the top design goal. It's built with a curated tech stack with no external dependency. It comes with built-in readonly and demo mode for maintenance and illustration purpose. After compiling the binary, one can just run ./bytebase and it will start under 5 seconds on the lowest tier machine from any cloud provider.

Bytebase tech stack