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Production Setup

1. Make sure --host, --port match exactly to the host:port address where Bytebase supposed to be visited.

Bytebase uses --host, --port to configure the VCS webhook callback used by the project version control workflow. If host:port mismatches, then committed migration scripts will not trigger the issue creation in Bytebase.

2. Setup https

You can setup a reverse proxy using Caddy.

3. If Bytebase is run by Docker

Make sure --publish {{hostport}}:{{containerport}} and the ---port flag be the same.

Like the example below, all 3 ports are 5678: --publish 5678:5678 --port 5678

docker run --init --name bytebase --restart always --publish 5678:5678 --volume ~/.bytebase/data:/var/opt/bytebase bytebase/bytebase:<<version>> --data /var/opt/bytebase --host http://localhost --port 5678

Run in detach mode (-d)