DataGrip Alternative


DataGrip Alternative
with access control, data masking, and collaboration


SQL Editor supports every major database systems


SQL Editor provides the most comprehensive data security features among all SQL clients.


All SQL Editor source code is available on GitHub


Permission-based SQL Editor for team

  • Run and explain query

    Run ad-hoc queries to explore data.

  • Control data access

  • Mask data

  • Explore the schema

Run and explain queryControl data accessMask dataExplore the schema

Secure human-to-db interaction

Centralize data access management and audit logs for all human-to-database operations.

  • Access control

    Multi-factor granular access control based on role, environment, project, database.

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  • Dynamic masking

    Dynamic data masking based on data clasification.

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  • Audit logging

    Record every human interaction with the database.

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Jointhe community

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