1. In your GitHub repository test-bb-gitops, create a folder bytebase, then create an sql file 202404151600_create_table_t1.sql.

    Paste the sql script in it.

       "id" INTEGER NOT NULL
  2. Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request. Click Merge pull request to merge the new branch into the main branch. gh-create-table

  3. Go to Bytebase, and go into project Sample Project. You’ll find there is a new Push Event and a new issue created. bb-push-notification-only

  4. Click and go to the issue page, you’ll see

    1. The issue is created via GitHub.com, there's a link to the GitHub commit.

    2. The SQL is exactly the one we have committed to the GitHub repository.

    3. The SQL has passed the automatic task checks and rollout automatically.

    4. Since there're two databases in the project, Bytebase creates a 2-staged pipeline to roll out the change sequentially.


  5. Click View change, you can view the schema diff. bb-schema-diff

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