How to integrate SQL Review into Your GitLab or GitHub CI/CD

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How to integrate SQL Review into Your GitLab or GitHub CI/CD

Different development teams adopt different development workflow, and Bytebase offers multiple ways to integrate SQL Review into their respective workflows.

This article will walk you through how to seamlessly integrate SQL review into your GitHub and/or GitLab CI/CD workflow, so that SQL review is automatically triggered before SQL scripts are merged into your repos.

For the sake of this tutorial, we will use GitLab as an example, GitHub works similarly.


This feature requires the Enterprise Plan. (Starting from v1.8.0, you can start a 14-day team plan trial without registration!)

Please enable the VCS workflow for your Bytebase workspace and project.

Step 1 - Configure SQL Review CI

After you enable VCS workflow from the Bytebase Console, under Version Control in your project, check the box to enable SQL Review CI.


Click Update. Bytebase will create a Merge Request (MR) in your GitLab repository to set up SQL review CI.


You will be redirected to your GitLab repository and see that an MR has been generated. Please review and merge this MR to complete the setup.


Step 2 - Create an MR/PR to Trigger SQL Review

Once you've set up the CI, if you create a GitLab MR / GitHub PR that contains the files matching the file path template, the SQL review policy will be automatically triggered to check against the changes.


Similarly, in GitHub repos, SQL review will check against the changes through GitHub Actions.

The following image shows the detailed results of a SQL review via GitHub Actions.


Follow this doc to create and configure your own SQL review policy.


Bytebase now supports integrating SQL review CI into your preferred code repository, whether it be GitHub or GitLab. In addition, for GitHub, Bytebase provides additional ways to integrate SQL Review through:

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