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Deploy in 5 Seconds


Before starting, make sure you have installed Docker. You can click here to get Docker.

Deploy Bytebase with sample datasets

Open Terminal and run the command:

curl -fsS https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bytebase/bytebase/main/quickstart/getting-started.docker-compose.yml | BB_VERSION=1.2.0 docker-compose -f - up

If the above command doesn't work, try the proxy version:

curl -fsS https://ghproxy.com/https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bytebase/bytebase/main/quickstart/getting-started.docker-compose.yml | BB_VERSION=1.2.0 docker-compose -f - up

After successful execution, you will see something like this:


Now you have three Docker containers:

  • Bytebase
  • A MySQL instance for the Test environment
  • A MySQL instance for the Prod environment

Each MySQL instance has a copy of the sample dataset in it. We choose the dataset_small of our open-source database "employee" as the sample for our tutorial.


Open Bytebase in localhost:5678, and create an admin account.


Then you are in the workspace.