Register Accounts

After deploying Bytebase successfully, you need to register accounts for your team members.

Register an admin account

The first registered account after deployment will be granted a Workspace Owner role.


Register a regular account

After the admin account is created, you can register a regular account and will be granted Workspace Developer role.


Login with GitLab / GitHub


This feature is only available in the Team or Enterprise plan.

User can login Bytebase directly with her GitLab / GitHub, below shows the GitLab login process, GitHub works in a similar way:

In order to log in with GitLab,

  1. In Bytebase, the Workspace Owner completes VCS configuration.

  2. When a user tries to use the GitLab Login, Bytebase will first try to match the GitLab public email with the existing member in Bytebase. In GitLab, the public email can be set here.


    If a matching member is found, then that user will login as that existing Bytebase member. Otherwise, Bytebase will create a new member with an unguessable random password, and allow the user to login as that created member. Later, user can visit her profile page to change the password, which enables her to login using password as well.

Update password

As a Workspace Owner, you can change passwords for the other accounts.

  1. Click Settings on the top bar.
  2. Click Members on the left side bar, and you can see the members page.
  3. Click the name of any member, and you will be redirected to that member’s detail page.
  4. Click Edit, fill in the Password and Confirm, and click Save. The password is updated.
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