Restore from Backup


User who is the member of the project owning the database, as well as the Workspace Admin and DBA can restore backup.

Bytebase allows to restore backup to a new database under the same project and environment. When Bytebase restores the backup to a new database, it also records the original parent database as well as a branch migration history linking with the restoring process.

Step 1 - Choose the backup to be restored


Step 2 - Choose the new database name for the restore

For now, Bytebase only allows to restore to a new database under the same project and environment as the original database producing the backup.


Step 3 - Execute restore workflow

Bytebase will create a 2-stage issue for the restore workflow. The 1st stage is to create the new database, followed by restoring the backup to that database. For Workspace Admin or DBA, the workflow will start automatically. For Developer, the workflow requires Workspace Admin or DBA approval first.


Step 4 - View the restored database

For a successfully restored database, Bytebase records the parent database it's restored from. It also records a Branch migration history showing the issue detailing the restoring process.


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