Data Export Approval Flow

Project Owners can manually add the role of data exporter to control data export permissions. In Enterprise Plan, users can apply for data exporter roles by submitting a request grant issue.

Add Exporter role manually

As a Project Owner, you can go to the project, click Settings, find the Management members section, and manually add the role of Project Exporter.

Before adding the Project Exporter role, you need to add the Project Querier role first to ensure that the user has permission to query the data.

In Free or Pro Plan, once the Project Exporter role is added, the user can export the query result of the specified database in SQL Editor.


In Enterprise Plan, data export should be done by applying for Exporter role.

Apply for Exporter role


This feature is only available in the Enterprise Plan.

In Enterprise plan, users need to apply for Project Exporter role before exporting data for data security governance.

  1. Go to the home page or project list page, and click Export data.


  2. Fill out the relevant form.


    Including the following information:

    • Project: The project that the database belongs to.
    • Database: The database you want to export.
    • Export rows: The number of rows you want to export. The default is 1000 rows.
    • Export format: The format of the exported file. The default is CSV.
    • Reason: The reason for applying for the exporter permission.
  3. Click Create to submit the request.

  4. After the request is approved, click Export to export the data.


    The export action only supports one-time export. If you need to export again, you need to submit a new request.

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