External Approval

Users can configure Bytebase issues to be approved by external systems. Feishu (Lark) is the only supported external systems at the moment, but stay tuned for more.


Bytebase will approve the whole stage of tasks instead of a single task if it is approved on the IM side.

Setup Feishu Custom App

Users should create a custom App, granting it necessary permissions, enabling it and obtaining the Application ID and Secret.

Step 1 - Create a custom app

Create a Custom App at Feishu Open Platform.

Fill in App Name and Description such as Bytebase Approval.

feishu app creation page

Step 2 - Upload icon

Bytebase logo icon

In the General info section of Credentials & Basic Info page, add the above Bytebase icon.

feishu app upload icon

Step 3 - Enable bot

In the Bot page of Features, click "Enable bot".

feishu app features bot page, with "Enable bot" highlighted

Step 4 - Grant permissions

In the Manage scopes section of Permissions & Scopes page, add the following scopes.

  • approval:approval (View, create, update, and delete info of Approval app).
  • approval:approval:readonly (Access Approval).
  • contact:user.id:readonly (Obtain user ID via email or mobile number).

feishu app permission page


Make sure that you have added all three scopes before moving on. In particular, you must add both "approval:approval" and "approval:approval:readonly".

Step 5 - Enable app

In the Version Management & Release page of App Release, create a Version.

feishu app release page

You can use 1.0.0 for App version and set availability to members who use Bytebase.

feishu app release page version details

Set the availability and select those who use Bytebase.

set availability on feishu app release page

Submit for release.

feishu app release submission page

Step 6 - Wait for approval

Ask your organization administrator to approve the custom application in Workspace / App review.

Move to the next step when you see the app status is "Enabled". In feishu app page, you can see that the app is activated

Step 7 - Obtain credentials

Get the App ID and App Secret in the General info section of Credentials & Basic Info page.

feishu app credential page

Setup Bytebase


Bytebase uses account emails to find users at Feishu.

Specifically, the issue assignee must have an identical email at Feishu to receive Approval requests. In Feishu Approvals, Bytebase bot will represent the issue creator if she can't be found at Feishu.

external approval bytebase setting page

  1. Go to Bytebase Settings, click on IM Integration.
  2. Fill in Application ID and Secret from the previous section. Click on Enable and Create button.

How to Use

UI workflow

The issue creator needs to click on the bell button near the assignee to send the Feishu approval request.

issue detail page with the bell icon near the assignee highlighted

GitOps workflow

The Feishu approval is sent automatically when either of the following happens:

  • Issue arrives at a new stage.
  • Issue assignee has changed.
  • Task SQL statement has changed.