Bytebase 1.9.0

NingjingNingjing1 min read

🚀 New Features

  • Support managing environment and instance via Terraform provider:
  • Support synchronizing schema for PostgreSQL🐘 Currently in beta, we support Schema, Table, Index, Constraint, and Sequence so far.
  • Support masking column-level sensitive data for MySQL🐬.
  • New UI for Admin mode of SQL Editor.

🎄 Enhancements

  • Support updating the user's email.
  • Approve button on the issue detail page is disabled while task checks are still in progress.
  • Display more detailed information when it comes to approval for the current stage.
  • Verify the configured branch's existence in the GitOps workflow setup.

🐞 Notable Bug Fixes

  • Prevent creating duplicate instances with a poor network connection.
  • Prevent creating duplicate issues with a poor network connection.

🎠 Community

📰 Fresh Off the Press

⚙️ Install and Upgrade

Warning: Bytebase does not support downgrade. Make sure to back up your meta data before upgrading.

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