Bytebase 1.12.1

NingjingNingjing2 min read

🚀 New Features

🎄 Enhancements

  • For projects with GitOps workflow enabled, schema and data changes are also supported through UI.
  • Supports executing statements in PostgreSQL that cannot be executed in a transaction, such as CREATE/DROP INDEX CONCURRENTLY.
  • Improved onboarding flow.
  • Start a 14-day trial of the Enterprise Plan by default.
  • Improved Schema Editor's UX.
  • Improved Schema Diagram: filtering, navigation, focusing and export PNG files.
  • Rename "Protected environment" to "Production environment".
  • Improved schema viewing and editing experience in SQL Editor.
  • Add an icon to identify sensitive data columns in the query result of SQL Editor.

🐞 Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Change history detail in MongoDB collection pages doesn't work correctly.

🎠 Community

📰 Fresh off the press

To install, follow installation doc. If you are upgrading from a previous version, restart after obtaining the latest release binary.

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