Bytebase 1.1.1

LucyLucy1 min read
  • Enable schema review policy configuration in environment
  • Users can configure a schema review policy for a particular environment. The schema review policy can be configured through both schema review policy dashboard and environment dashboard schema-review-policy
  • Both rule level and rule configuration can be changed
  • After creating a schema review policy, users can view, edit or delete the policy any time they like
  • Display schema review results in the issue detail page if the schema review policy is configured schema-review-policy schema-review-policy

🎄 Enhancement

  • Add archive checkers for environment/project/instance
    • Ensure the environment has no instance before it's archived
    • Ensure the project has no database before it's archived
    • Ensure all databases in the instance are under the default project before the instance is archived
  • UI improvements for tenant-mode deployment tenantmodeui
  • Improved PostgreSQL schema dump.
  • The owner of newly created PostgreSQL schemas will be the same as the database owner by default.
  • Display applicable conditions for Environment policies. applicablecondition

🎠 Community

To install, follow installation doc. If you are upgrading from a previous version, restart after obtaining the latest release binary.

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