Bytebase 1.1.0

RayRay2 min read

bb CLI is the command-line tool of Bytebase, helping developers integrate MySQL and PostgreSQL schema change into the existing CI/CD workflow. By integrating bb with your existing CI/CD system (GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, etc.), you can bring all best practices of CI/CD to the database.


🚀 Features

  • From SQL Editor, you can now sync your SQL scripts stored in the linked VCS system.


  • Star the sheets to save them in a list.


  • List database extensions for PostgreSQL.


  • Support creating a Postgres database with an owner.


🎄 Enhancement

  • Support changing data for a single database in a tenant project.

🐞 Notable bug fixes

  • Cancel the display limitation of 20 repositories when configuring VCS for a project.

  • Prevent accidental clearance of the content in SQL Editor when using the formatting function.

  • Fix bugs that produce duplicate items in a project list.

🎠 Community

⚙️ Install and Upgrade

Warning: Bytebase does not support downgrade. Make sure to back up your meta data before upgrading.

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