Bytebase 1.0.5

NingjingNingjing2 min read
  • Launch the Chinese version of our official website.


🎄 Enhancement

  • Add custom project webhook.

    The webhooks we currently support are pre-defined and basically can only do notifications, custom webhook can be more flexible to interact with some external systems (for example, external systems want to sense the status of an issue and do some different operations based on the issue status). _

  • Add "Format on save" checkbox on the issue detail page.

    With the default check, when the users click the "Create issue" button, the SQL statement will be automatically formatted.

  • Add "Sync schema afterward" checkbox on the instance create and detail page to allow users to disable the database sync if needed.

    Currently, we sync the schema upon adding/patching the instance. This provides a better UX since the user will see the schema after adding the instance. However, for instances having large schemas, the request will timeout and prevents them from adding the instance at all. The added checkbox only appears if connection-related info is changed.


🐞 Bug Fix

  • Fix bugs that prevent GitLab providers from being added or modified under certain circumstances, and improve the overall experience of integrating GitLab for users.

🎠 Community


⚙️ Install and Upgrade

Warning: Bytebase does not support downgrade. Make sure to back up your meta data before upgrading.

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