Bytebase 0.12.0

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🚀 New Features

Multi-tenancy Database Management

Say you have many databases that use identical database schemas and need uniform management. For example, my highly-available service stores database data in different locations or data centers; or my SaaS service stores every customer/tenant's database data in their own databases. This multi-tenancy database management feature allows you to manage and update schemas for these hundreds of databases consistently and conveniently.

  • Intelligent database management for tenants using identical schemas.
  • Creating and managing database labels used for searching resources and identifying tenants.
  • Flexible tenant database deployment such as multi-stage regional deployments.
  • Schema updates are applied to all tenants consistently. Adding a new tenant database will use the same schema from existing tenants.


SQL Editor

  • Support keeping multiple editors under different tabs.


  • Seamless transition to the schema change (DDL) / data change (DML) workflow from the SQL Editor.


  • Project based permission control.
  • Save Query: support saving the SQL statement, search it with highlight and delete.


  • Query History: record all the executed queries.


Signup and login via GitLab EE/CE

Most in-house dev teams use GitLab EE/CE to host their code. Bytebase has already supported VCS integration with GitLab to manage database schemas. We now further enhance the integration to allow users to use their GitLab EE/CE account to login Bytebase. Thanks @siu91 for the suggestion.

Support data change (DML) workflow

Besides the schema change (DDL) workflow, we now also support the DML workflow. Thanks @TBACEJ for the suggestion

🎄 Enhancement

  • Surface detailed error to the UI when --debug is enabled when starting Bytebase

🐞 Bug fix

🎠 Community


To install, follow installation doc. If you are upgrading from a previous version, restart after obtaining the latest release binary.

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