Bytebase 0.11.0

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🚀 New Features

(Preview) SQL Editor

  • Auto-complete and context menu.
  • Run SQL statement (only allow SELECT query) and display the result in a table view.
  • Navigate among different database connections via the left tree panel.
  • Display table schema info on the bottom left side panel.


🎄 Enhancement

kbar quickstart

User can now use cmd+k to invoke the command bar to quickly navigate among different Bytebase sections. _

Refactor the underlying VCS module to make it plugable

This ease the path to support other VCS systems like GitHub, BitBucket.

🐞 Bug fix

  • Fix the issue when we are unable to write back the latest schema to the Git repository after the migration succeeds.

🎠 Community

Preview environment for each PR

Now every PR will create a unique preview environment. This makes it easy to collaborate among author and reviewers. _


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