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  • 1 min read

    Bytebase 0.7.1

    This is a security fix release. Please consider upgrading it.

    πŸŽ„ Enhancement

    • Fixed a bunch of security issues found by
    1. Reject the current user operation if the user has just been de-activated.

    2. Secure the access token to prevent CSRF attack.

    3. Disallow Bytebase to be loaded in an iframe.

  • 2 min read

    Bytebase 0.7.0

    This release takes a bit longer because we are packaging couple exciting features in it. Let's check them out.

    πŸš€ New Features

  • 1 min read

    Bytebase 0.3.0

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Environment approval policy (detailed guide) - For a particular environment, the workspace admin or DBA can configure whether the database schema change requires approval.
    • Inbox - Added Inbox to the left sidebar. Issue's status change will post to its creator, assignee and subscribers inbox. If there occurs failed task, there will be additional alert symbol.
    • Database instance user sync - Bytebase will now periodically sync instance's users and their corresponding grants and display those info on the instance detail page. This helps Bytebase user to quickly recognize who has acccess to an certain instance.
  • 1 min read

    Bytebase 0.2.2

    🐞 Important Bug Fixes

    • MySQL connection leak - In the previous version, when Bytebase does not properly release the connection after finishing connecting the MySQL instance, which will cause MySQL connection pool exhaustation.
  • 1 min read

    Bytebase 0.2.0

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Migration history - Added the migration history to the database detail page. This is applicable to project using either UI or Version Control workflow.
    • Table detail page - Added table detail page. This is normally reached via the database detail page. The table detail page displays the basic table info as well as its columns and indexes.

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