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  • Ningjing2 min read

    Bytebase 1.3.0

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Support SQL review for PostgreSQL with 13 rules: SQL Review sql-review-for-pg

    • Support using both as the VCS integration to manage database schemas and as the authentication provider to allow users to use their accounts to log in to Bytebase. git-provider-github

    • Restore a database to the time point before the last migration with one click. restore-before-migration

  • Mila1 min read

    Bytebase 1.2.2

    πŸš€ New Features

    • πŸ‘» Added support for gh-ost, online schema migration for large MySQL tables (Beta).


    • Updated the way help tips are displayed, using a side drawer instead of the pop-up tips.


    • Added length limit for table, column, index, foreign key, unique key names.



    • Added a new rule to disallow foreign keys on a table.



    • Added a new rule for naming convention when dropping a table.



  • Ningjing2 min read

    Bytebase 1.2.1

    πŸš€ New Features

    • In-place Point-in-time Recovery for the database (preview version). restore-database

    • Added GET /v1/sql/advise OpenAPI.

    It allows users to perform SQL reviews via API after configuring the schema review policy. Users can access its API documentation via /swagger/index.html once they start their Bytebase service.


  • Mila2 min read

    Bytebase 1.2.0

    πŸš€ New Feature

    Schema Review for SQL Editor sql-editor-schema-review

    • After setting up the schema review policy, if the SQL statement violates the error rule, Bytebase prevents SQL execution and shows error messages
      • Users can change the rule level from "Error" to "Warning"
        • If the SQL statement violates the updated schema review policy, Bytebase will run the SQL, but the warning message will display "Warning"
        • If schema review passes, Bytebase will run the SQL normally
  • Lucy1 min read

    Bytebase 1.1.1

    • Enable schema review policy configuration in environment
    • Users can configure a schema review policy for a particular environment. The schema review policy can be configured through both schema review policy dashboard and environment dashboard schema-review-policy
    • Both rule level and rule configuration can be changed
    • After creating a schema review policy, users can view, edit or delete the policy any time they like
    • Display schema review results in the issue detail page if the schema review policy is configured schema-review-policy schema-review-policy

    πŸŽ„ Enhancement

    • Add archive checkers for environment/project/instance
      • Ensure the environment has no instance before it's archived
      • Ensure the project has no database before it's archived
      • Ensure all databases in the instance are under the default project before the instance is archived
    • UI improvements for tenant-mode deployment tenantmodeui
    • Improved PostgreSQL schema dump.
    • The owner of newly created PostgreSQL schemas will be the same as the database owner by default.
    • Display applicable conditions for Environment policies. applicablecondition
  • Ray2 min read

    Bytebase 1.1.0

    bb CLI is the command-line tool of Bytebase, helping developers integrate MySQL and PostgreSQL schema change into the existing CI/CD workflow. By integrating bb with your existing CI/CD system (GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, etc.), you can bring all best practices of CI/CD to the database.


    πŸš€ Features

    • From SQL Editor, you can now sync your SQL scripts stored in the linked VCS system.


    • Star the sheets to save them in a list.


    • List database extensions for PostgreSQL.


    • Support creating a Postgres database with an owner.


  • Ningjing2 min read

    Bytebase 1.0.5

    • Launch the Chinese version of our official website.


    πŸŽ„ Enhancement

    • Add custom project webhook.

      The webhooks we currently support are pre-defined and basically can only do notifications, custom webhook can be more flexible to interact with some external systems (for example, external systems want to sense the status of an issue and do some different operations based on the issue status). _

    • Add "Format on save" checkbox on the issue detail page.

      With the default check, when the users click the "Create issue" button, the SQL statement will be automatically formatted.

    • Add "Sync schema afterward" checkbox on the instance create and detail page to allow users to disable the database sync if needed.

      Currently, we sync the schema upon adding/patching the instance. This provides a better UX since the user will see the schema after adding the instance. However, for instances having large schemas, the request will timeout and prevents them from adding the instance at all. The added checkbox only appears if connection-related info is changed.


  • 2 min read

    Bytebase 1.0.4

    Support storing Bytebase metadata in the external PostgreSQL

    Use the --pg option to specify the database endpoint upon launching Bytebase. _

  • 2 min read

    Bytebase 1.0.3

    Release MySQL SQL Review Guide

    SQL Review Guide lists all the rules in schema change review, from the naming convention of Table, Column, and Index to the designated WHERE clause. We provide rule templates for the MySQL Dev and Prod environments. DBAs can configure the rules manually based on our templates, and generate images for internal reference. Β Meanwhile, we are actively working on the following area:

    • Add more rules. We also welcome DBAs' suggestions at Issues Β· bytebase/bytebase
    • Integrate those rules into the Bytebase product by detecting rule violations automatically.

    Currently, we only support MySQL. We will add PostgreSQL support later. _

  • 2 min read

    Bytebase 1.0.2

    β€‹πŸ’‘ Our official documentation switches from gitbook to All the documents are now in our GitHub repository. This will help improve our coordination efficiency in documentation greatly. Now developers can follow to commit your changes.

    πŸš€ Features

    • Support branding customization (available in Team/Enterprise Plan)


  • 1 min read

    Bytebase 1.0.1

    πŸš€ Features

    • Support instance read-only connection. Once configured, Bytebase will use this user to query databases in SQL Editor and will use it in all read-only scenarios in the future.


  • 2 min read

    Bytebase 1.0.0

    πŸš€ Announce our Team Plan

    With over a year of hard work and 3500+ commits, we finally reach the milestone to announce our 1.0.0 version and our Team Plan. The Team Plan includes:

    • Role-Based-Access-Control (RBAC) with Owner, DBA, Developer roles catering to the collaboration during database development.
    • Login using GitLab account.
    • Sync project membership from the linked GitLab project.
    • SQL backward compatibility check and schema drift detection.
    • Per-environment schema review and backup policy.

    The price starts at $29 per instance per month. Please visit our pricing page for more details. _ You can visit to purchase a subscription license and manage your team plan subscription in Settings page. _

  • 1 min read

    Bytebase 0.13.0

    πŸš€ New Features

    • SQL editor supports sheet sharing.


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