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  • Ningjing2 min read

    Bytebase 2.15.0

    πŸ”” Brand New GitOps

    The new GitOps workflow is not compatible with the old version, if you need assistance migrating to the new version, please consult us.

    • Use access tokens for authentication.
    • Support multiple VCS connectors in a project.
    • Support specifying a database group as the target in the VCS connector, automatically applying to all databases in a project by default.
    • Deprecate database name templates and latest schema write-back.

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Support Vault as an external data source for database secrets.
    • Support Apache Hive.
    • Add one-time data export issue type.
  • Ningjing2 min read

    Bytebase 2.14.1

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Support Branching for Oracle.
    • Add project switcher in SQL Editor.
    • Add two SQL Review rules:
      • Disallow mixing DDL and DML statements.
      • Disallow mixing different types (UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE) of DML statements on the same table.
  • Ningjing2 min read

    Bytebase 2.14.0

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Support custom roles with specific permissions.
    • Support SQL Review CI for BitBucket.
    • Support queries across different databases for data masking.
  • Ningjing1 min read

    Bytebase 2.13.2

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Support Japanese.
    • Support Vietnamese.
  • Ningjing1 min read

    Bytebase 2.13.1

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Support backing up data before DML is performed for MySQL.
    • Support instance maximum connections, allowing control over the number of concurrent tasks per instance.
    • Support compression and encryption for exported data.
  • Ningjing1 min read

    Bytebase 2.13.0

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Support advanced SQL auto-completion for PostgreSQL, Redshift and RisingWave.
  • Ningjing1 min read

    Bytebase 2.12.0

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Support advanced SQL auto-completion for MySQL.
    • Support importing classification JSON data via UI.
  • Mila1 min read

    Bytebase 2.11.1

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Customizable Masking Algorithms and Semantic Types for Data Masking.
  • Ningjing1 min read

    Bytebase 2.11.0

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Support setting parameters for MySQL online schema change.
    • Add database viewer role to Project. (Check Roles and Permissions)
    • Support OceanBase in Oracle Mode.
  • Mila2 min read

    Bytebase 2.10.0

    πŸš€ New Features

    • More flexible options to appoint releaser to rollout changes: you can specify any dedicated role set, or the last approver of a custom approval process.
    • Configure branch protection rules for projects.
    • Set database labels.
    • Set column labels.
    • Set table classification.
  • Ningjing1 min read

    Bytebase 2.9.1

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Group changes into a changelist and apply them in one issue or export.
    • Batch query on multiple databases with selected labels in SQL Editor.
    • Support integrating external secret manager to store database credentials.
    • Support Branching for PostgreSQL and TiDB.
  • Mila1 min read

    Bytebase 2.9.0

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Run SQL Review checks without requiring a rollout.
    • Predefine table templates, which can be applied when altering or designing database schema.
  • Ningjing2 min read

    Bytebase 2.8.0

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Upgrade data masking, providing more granular masking and access control configuration.
    • Revamped SQL Editor UI.
    • Support sync schema for Oracle.
    • Support setting announcement.
  • Mila1 min read

    Bytebase 2.7.0

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Support Git-like Branching for database schema migration.
    • Support searching all Issue histories.
    • Support exporting Audit Logs.
  • Ningjing2 min read

    Bytebase 2.6.0

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Support using LDAP for configuring SSO.
    • Support adding multiple read-only data sources.
    • Schema Template supports column type restriction.
    • Support RisingWave.
    • Support Data Masking Policy for SQL Server.
    • Support Sync Schema for TiDB.
    • SQL Review CI supports Azure DevOps.
  • Ningjing1 min read

    Bytebase 2.5.0

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Support Azure DevOps for VCS integration.
    • Support setting Sign-in Frequency.
    • Support export changes from database change history.
    • Schema Designer for MySQL.
    • Support defining column template.
  • Ningjing2 min read

    Bytebase 2.4.0

    πŸš€ New Features

    • Support data access control for query and export at workspace level with custom approval integration.
    • Support Snowflake Task, Stream objects and data access control.
    • Support Redshift datashare query, data access control, and data masking.
    • Support data export as INSERT DML script.
    • Support markdown in issue comment.
    • Support session in SQL Editor admin mode.

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